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Magic Love Spell To Keep Your Lover Faithful

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If you are having concerns about fidelity, then talking about things should always be your first avenue. But when all else fails, then this magic love spell is one you can use to help ensure that things are staying monogamous.

Locate a set of footprints created by your significant other.

Lightly sprinkle licorice herbs over them.

Take a handful of marigolds and/or rosemary, and put them around, under or in the bed where they sleep. You can also add cumin to your meals that both of you share.

-Alternative Spell-

Obtain a small darkly colored pouch and fill it with the licorice herbs, along with dried, ground unicorn root, the marigolds, rosemary and cumin.

Place the pouch under the bed of your partner.



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  1. Anna Burkett on January 5th, 2009 7:47 pm

    These are very old herbal spells that sometimes work wonders.

    I have had good success with this one.

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